Proxy for Anonymous and Unblocked Browsing


This is one of the many new proxy servers on the Bunkerbuster Proxy Network.

Proxy services are a useful for internet users who have a need to get around censorship and have anonymity during web surfing. The user will appear (via the IP address) to be not at his or her actual location, but at the location of the proxy. Identifying information can be stripped and substituted to protect the identity of the user. In addition, proxies enable internet users to visit blocked web pages by substituting the proxy IP for the IP of the blocked site.

Therefore, proxy servers are useful for solving two problems that are rampant in many places: restricted website access and lack of anonymity while web browsing.

If you are located in a place where certain websites are blocked, or if you cannot access certain sites because your IP address is blocked, this proxy server will provide a means to get full access to the internet.

Always bear in mind that while proxies can change your apparent IP address and enable you to visit blocked sites, there is data from your browser that can still give information about you. For more security, consider the use of a virtual private networking (VPN) service.

Better yet, use a "bootable USB stick" to run a secure Linux system on your computer (or at an internet cafe) which uses trustworthy DNS and supports a strong VPN system: MOFO Linux, For Internet Freedom.